The pill & my face #Periodically 31

Here's a blog I didn't want to write but that's been itching to get out for a couple of months. It's about a problem I didn't realise the extent of until the worst had passed, so keep in mind that this story has a slightly happier ending than most of my blogs! A Skin Thing … Continue reading The pill & my face #Periodically 31


City by the Book: Death at the Château Bremont

The final City by the Book from my most recent trip takes us to Aix-en-Provence, a city my travel companion knew well, but that I didn't know at all. Well, it's much easier to get to know a city in two days when a) you have a private tour guide and b) you have a … Continue reading City by the Book: Death at the Château Bremont

Down a different rabbit hole… #Periodically 30

For whatever reason, the area between my legs has always been a place of curiosity for me, perhaps not helped by my discovery of the vagina-brain connection theory discussed in Naomi Wolf's Vagina. Recently, and with help from my psychosexual counsellor, I've realised that this 'curiosity' might have meant I always had a certain 'vulnerability' … Continue reading Down a different rabbit hole… #Periodically 30

Review: Promising Young Women

Like with most stories that start with a twenty-something London-based office worker navigating the breakdown of a long-term relationship, your mind settles in for a harmless piece of Chick-Lit. And then Caroline O'Donoghue's Promising Young Women knocks you off-centre by turning into something else entirely. The praise on the book's sleeve repeatedly uses the word "gothic." … Continue reading Review: Promising Young Women