Review: Hag-Seed – Margaret Atwood

In October 2017 I was lucky enough to hear Margaret Atwood speak and to get a book signed. While Atwood was finishing off her interview my mum ran off to buy a few books for us to get signed. Since I had already read Oryx and Crake I landed with Hag-Seed, a recent Atwood book that had … Continue reading Review: Hag-Seed – Margaret Atwood


“Can I examine you?” #Periodically 18

Covering all bases here, Happy 2018 #Periodically readers! We left off with me on Mefanamic Acid and iron tablets to help with period pain and heavy bleeding, for more details on that read: #Periodically 17. Today however, I have news, good and bad, a diagnosis and a potential solution, but it's all rather bitter sweet. TW/Disclaimer: … Continue reading “Can I examine you?” #Periodically 18