Review: Promising Young Women

Like with most stories that start with a twenty-something London-based office worker navigating the breakdown of a long-term relationship, your mind settles in for a harmless piece of Chick-Lit. And then Caroline O'Donoghue's Promising Young Women knocks you off-centre by turning into something else entirely. The praise on the book's sleeve repeatedly uses the word "gothic." … Continue reading Review: Promising Young Women

I changed my mind #Periodically 29

Maybe it's because the idea of pain management came up directly after a flare-up, or maybe it's because the drugs were actually working, but about six weeks into my trial with the low-dose anti-depressant amitriptyline, in an attempt to reduce my pain, I began to feel like this pain management route wasn't for me. I … Continue reading I changed my mind #Periodically 29